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Curriculum Statement

Brandhall Curriculum Statement

Brandhall has taken advantage of the opportunities offered by the introduction of the 2014 National Curriculum to develop a curriculum centred around learning and challenge.

We have undertaken training as subject leaders and whole staff and agreed our curriculum vision and principles that set out the whole school curriculum; this centres around learning and teaching, challenge and real life, meaningful outcomes.

All children should be;

  1. Numerate, literate and effective communicators
  2. Happy and confident
  3. Curious learners and independent thinkers
  4. Collaborative and understanding of each others needs
  5. Persevering and resilient
  6. Successful and able to identify where they have made progress

All children should develop;

  1. High quality basic skills
  2. Good listening skills and be listened to and supported in their learning
  3. Engagement, intrigue and ownership of their learning
  4. Teamwork skills, valuing diversity and connecting with others
  5. The ability to see mistake or failure as a learning opportunity
  6. Reflection and ability to share and talk about their work and their peers

In our curriculum these points will look like this;

  1. Maths and English running through all curriculum areas, strong stories, clear audience and purpose and plentiful opportunities to communicate
  2. Opportunities to communicate and develop active listening and respect, constructing the learning as a class within the given structure and celebration of all learning outcomes
  3. Children ask and answer questions as a fundamental part of learning, clear moments for experiential learning are planned for and pupils have the opportunity to make decisions and take some responsibility
  4. Planned for opportunities to work in different groups with different models of working including parents and the wider community (school and beyond)
  5. Parts of learning will be presented as a question or challenge to be explored or answered, opportunities for the children to make mistakes in a safe working environment will be offered – classroom environment is key
  6. Lessons will include opportunities to review and improve work through self or peer assessment and feedback from the teacher.  AfL will be used effectively and planned for.


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