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Curriculum Statement

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Curriculum Statement

The aim of our curriculum is for pupils to have the requisite skills to be successful, independent and motivated learners. At Brandhall Primary School we believe deeply in the importance of helping our pupils develop as a whole person – happy and ready to take the next steps in their education and lives beyond Primary School.

  • Our curriculum is planned to be not only educational, but also enjoyable for both pupils and staff. Our staff have a wealth of experience and knowledge and lessons are alive with challenge and involvement for all. Through the School Council, pupils have a voice that is heard.
  • It ensures that academic success, creativity and problem solving, reliability, responsibility and resilience, as well as physical development, well-being and mental health are key elements that support the development of the whole child and promote a positive attitude to learning.
  • We are enthusiastic about being curious, life-long learners at our school. We provide a broad, rich, relevant and meaningful curriculum which, as a team, we are very proud of. Children have a thirst for learning at Brandhall and we are committed to nurturing young: writers, performers, readers, international speakers, mathematicians, scientists, historians, geographers, artists, designers, musicians, sports persons and computer users of the future. The more able are challenged further in their learning and children who find aspects of their learning more difficult are appropriately supported so that they too are enabled to experience success. The curriculum is underpinned by the school’s Core Values (Respect, Belonging, Courage, Honesty, Ambition and Compassion) and these are taught on their own and through other areas of the curriculum, including assemblies.
  • The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils and their understanding of the core values of our society are woven through the curriculum.
  • In all year groups there are small group interventions in order to support pupils in gaining the key skills to achieve their best. Specialist teachers and instructors support music and physical education.
  • The outdoor environment and the local community are considered an opportunity for active learning for all our pupils. The school grounds have been developed so they can enrich different curriculum areas.

Pupils have opportunities to share their learning with each other, their parents and carers and other learners through school-based and external exhibitions, performances, competitions and events involving other schools.

Our curriculum is designed to

  • Develop strong characters in order to be resilient and cope with adversity.
  • Develop creative individuals who collaborate and co-operate and can solve problems seeing failure as an opportunity to learn.
  • Develop pupils who can think critically and care about their learning so they always do their best.
  • Develop pupils who care about their role as part of a family, community and the wider world; encouraging them to feel part of, and to contribute positively to fundamental British values.
  • Ensure all pupils have high aspirations.
  • Develop a thirst for learning for all pupilsTo achieve this we teach the curriculum in a dynamic and fun way that means every child can unlock vital skills that will drive their creativity. We believe every child should be given the opportunity to create, compose, perform, visit, experience, participate, know, understand and review as part of a cultural and creative curriculum. All children are encouraged to work together to solve problems, to think critically so they understand different points of view and are expected to care about their learning.

EYFS at Brandhall

We offer provision from two years upwards in a caring, stimulating, vibrant and purposeful setting. All staff work to foster excellent relationships with children to as a basis on which to build learning. Our two year olds focus on the Prime areas of learning (physical development, communication and language and also their personal, social and emotional skills). They also work on the early phonic skills. These are further developed in the 3-4 year old Nursery, with more of a focus on Maths and Literacy, with daily Phonics sessions.

In Reception children receive three teaching sessions a day. These could be Literacy and Maths and a daily phonics lesson. Children also work one to one or in a very small group with the teacher, they will also do activities which we have planned for them and they are also free to choose and initiate their own activities. Daily activities include a large element of learning through play, both indoors and outdoors, including in the dedicated Foundation Stage play area and Forest School area.

Quality playful experiences form a vital part in how children will learn best. We believe that children learn best in stimulating environments, with warm relationships with staff and when they are applying skills learn in a variety of contexts. We develop strong relationships with parents, via face to face drop offs every day, INSPIRE workshops and Parents’ Evenings, to ensure both home and school are working on targets.

At Brandhall Primary School, we place great emphasis on learning basic skills. We hold the Basic Skills Quality Mark award for recognition of the school’s work in Basic Skills. Our aim is that when pupils leave Year Six, they will be highly numerate and literate, with a real joy for learning.


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