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Important Information

Terms and Conditions

Breakfast and After School Club

  • All fees are now paid via ParentPay.  We are a cashless school.
  • Fees are to be paid in advance on the first Monday of every new week, or if you would rather pay monthly, by the 1st of every new month.
  • All scheduled days of attendance still need to be paid for if your child cannot attend the club for any reason.
  • It is the responsibility of the Parent/Carer to inform Michelle or a team member of any non-attendance on a scheduled day to the club.
  • It is the responsibility of the Parent/Carer to inform Michelle or a team member at their earliest convenience if they are going to be late collecting their child/ren.
  • Brandhall Extended Services do operate a late collection policy. A late collection fee of £5 for every 5 minutes after the arranged collection time (5:30pm/6:00pm) will be charged to your account.
  • 2 weeks’ notice is required for any change in provision that you may need.
  • 2 weeks’ notice is required, in writing, to cancel the childcare provision.
  • Brandhall Extended Services can cancel your child’s place within the club without any notice due.Holiday Play Scheme
  • Fees for your childcare requirements during the duration of the play scheme need to be paid in advance.
  • As spaces are limited, we work on a first come, first served basis, subject on receiving full payment at time of booking.
  • All payments must be received in full one week prior to the play scheme starting date.
  • All monies paid are non refundable.
  • For the Summer Play Scheme we do offer a payment via instalment plan to help spread the cost, however, any outstanding balance must be paid by the specified date to secure your Child’s place.
  • Brandhall Extended Services, in extreme circumstances, reserve the right to cease the provision for your child without notice.
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