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Reception Homework Pack!

Reception Class Page

Project-1-Learning-Project-EYFS (2 Weeks)

Project-2-Learning-Project-EYFS (2 Weeks)

Project-3-Learning-Project-EYFS (2 Weeks)

Week-4-Learning-Project-EYFS (2 weeks)

Week-5-Learning-Project-EYFS (2 weeks)

EYFS summer term 1  (1 week)

EYFS summer term 2 (1 week)

EYFS summer term 3 (1 week)

EYFS summer term 4 (1 week)

EYFS summer term 5 (1 week)

EYFS summer term 6 (1 week)

EYFS summer term 7 (1 week)

Here is the cursive script we use in school, if you want to practise at home: cursive writing

Here is some extra Phonics work for Reception: Talk About Weight and Capacity

Also, have a look at this website:      https://www.thenational.academy  and go to Reception and then Foundations lessons. Have a look at the ‘Alien handprints’. Don’t forget to email me and tell me how you got on: jenny.owens@brandhall.sandwell.sch.uk

Please look at the games on www.phonicsplay.co.uk  During this time they have made this website free, so you can log in and play all the games we play at school. Username is: march20  and the password is: home.

Here are some phonics sessions for Reception, a new one is added everyday. https://wandleenglishhub.org.uk/lettersandsounds


KS1 Homework Pack!

Year 2 Class page

Year 1 Class Page

Project-1-Learning-Project-KS1 (2 Weeks)

Project-2-Learning-Project-KS1 (2 Weeks)

Project-3-Learning-Project-KS1 (2 Weeks)

Project-4-Learning-Project-KS1 (2 Weeks)

Project-5-Learning-Project-KS1 (2 weeks)

KS1 summer term 1 (1 week)

KS1 summer term 2 (1 week)

KS1 summer term 3 (1 week)

KS1 summer term 4 (1 week)

KS1 summer term 5 (1 week)

KS1 summer term 6 (1 week)

KS1 summer term 7 (1 week)

Here are some extra phonics sessions for Year 1, a new one is added everyday. https://wandleenglishhub.org.uk/lettersandsounds



Year 3 & 4 Homework Pack!

Year 3 Class Page 

Year 4 Class Page

Project-1-Learning-Project-Y3&4 (2 Weeks)

Project-2-Learning-Project-Y3&4 (2 Weeks)

Project-3-Learning-Project-Y3&4 (2 Weeks)

Project 4-Learning-Project-Y3_4 (2 Weeks)

Project-5-Learning-Project-Y3_4 (2 Weeks)

Project-6-Learning-Project-Y3_4 (2 Weeks)

LKS2 summer term 1 (1 week)

LKS2 summer term 2 (1 week)

LKS2 summer term 3 (1 week)

LKS2 summer term 4 (1 week)

LKS2 summer term 5 (1 week)

LKS2 summer term 6 (1 week)

LKS2 summer term 7 (1 week)


Here is some extra maths work for Year 3. Maths challenge cards Column Addition Column Subtraction Word Problems Column Subtraction Worksheets Column Method for Subtraction

Here is Year 3’s Topic project. Year 3 Topic Project

Here is some extra work for Year 4. Year 4 Extra Work


Year 5 & 6 Homework Pack!

Year 5 Class page

Year 6 Class page

Project-1-Learning-Project-Y5&6 (2 Weeks)

Project-2-Learning-Project-Y5_6 (2 Weeks)

Project-3-Learning-Project-Y5&6 (2 weeks)

Project-4-Learning-Project-Y5_6 (2 weeks) 

Project-5-Learning-Project-Y5_6 (2 Weeks)

Project-6-Learning-Project-Y5_6 (2 Weeks)

UKS2 summer term 1 (1 week)

UKS2 summer term 2 (1 week)

UKS2 summer term 3 (1 week)

UKS2 summer term 4 (1 week)

UKS2 summer term 5 (1 week)

UKS2 summer term 6 (1 week)

UKS2 summer term 7 (1 week)


Additional resources 

Here is a Maths mystery you will enjoy: maths mystery week 7

Grammar lesson

Maths lesson – area of Parallelogram

SATs practice Q and A

Some Ideas For Over The Summer!

We know that this summer holiday is going to be a little bit different to usual, but there are still lots of things that you can do

Wellbeing links for parents and children:

https://youngminds.org.uk/blog/looking-after-your-mental-health-while-self-isolating/ https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/coronavirus-and-your-wellbeing/ https://www.nhs.uk/oneyou/every-mind-matters/coronavirus-covid-19-anxiety-tips/ https://www.home-start.org.uk/activities-for-families https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/joinin/seven-techniques-for-helping-kids-keep-calm

Summer Activites


Sandwell Home Education Resource Links
Other Useful Links to Free Resources online
Resources list for sharing
Support Tools (TOTS)
Support Tools (KS1)
Support Tools (KS2)
BBC Live Lessons
Bitesize Daily Lessons
Sandwell Information Hub- Resources and Activities
STEM Resources
GOV List of Online Resources


Making Music at Home – Powerpoint

PSHE Activities!

Can you beat the wall – Primary


Virtual Assembly!

How should we learn to manage our money
Assembly Resource      British Values
Currency   Learning from Home Ideas
Money Box Design    Picture News Paper
Picture News Prompt 1      Picture News Prompt 2
Resource 1    Resource 2


Logging Into Online Resources!

RM Unify (Children Emails)

Username: FirstLetterOfForename + LastName

Ex: Jadon Sancho = J.Sancho
(Some kids will either have 1 or 2 at the end of the Username)

Password: (The password the children login into computers)


Purple Mash

Username: FirstLetterOfForename + LastName

Ex: Jadon Sancho = J.Sancho
(Some children will either have 1 or 2 at the end of the Username)

Password: (The password the children login into computers)


Bug Club

Username: FirstLetterOfForename + LastName

Password: (Unique password given to child)

School Code: r7t6


Brain Squeezers



Username: First 3 Letters Of First Name + First 3 Letters Of Last Name

Ex: Raheem Sterling = rahste

Password: (Unique password given to child)


Any problems or enquiries regarding children’s logins, please do not hesitate to email  K.Taylor@brandhall.sandwell.sch.uk with your child’s First Name & Last Name and Year Group



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