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Lolley the School Dog

We are very excited to let you know that the school has decided to take on a school dog. Lolley, a cockapoo, will be becoming a fully-fledged member of our school in the coming weeks and we can’t wait to introduce her to you and the children. Currently, she is 9 weeks old and is not quite ready to meet everyone yet but we will introduce her to you once she has had her vaccinations and has settled in her new home.
We have chosen a Cockapoo as this breed is known to be child friendly, level-headed, sociable, demonstrably affectionate yet sensitive, cheerful and have outstanding trainability. A lot of research was put into looking for a suitable dog to bring into the school environment, including taking on the service of a dog mentor and training programme. She is also hypoallergenic due to her curly coat which reduces risk of allergic reaction. Dogs are increasingly being used in schools with great success.
Lolley is also the family pet of Mr Abbiss and will go home with him everyday and in the holidays. While in school Lolley’s main place of residence will be in the Business Manager’s office, which is secure and separate from the classrooms. Children will be able to interact with the dog under strict supervision at certain times of the day/week as long as parental permission has been given. The dog will not be given access to other visitors or whole classes without supervision and mutual consent

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