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Meet The Staff

Brandhall Primary School Staff


Senior Leadership Team

E. Hart – Head Teacher

R.Summers – Deputy Head Teacher

J. Brewer – Assistant Head Teacher/Inclusion Manager

M. Cabezas-Woods – Assistant Head Teacher/LKS2 Lead

T. Moore – Safeguarding Lead and Family Support Worker

D.Abbiss – Business Manger

A.Wood – Office Manager

Lolley – School Dog

Middle Leadership Team

D. O’Connor

M. Cabezas-Woods

C. Jones


J. Owens – Class Teacher

S. McDonald – Class Teacher

H. Hussain – Class Teacher

K. Howard – Class Teacher

K. Mayhew – Class Teacher

Key Stage 1

R. Bailey – Class Teacher

C. Paige – Class Teacher

C. Jones – Class Teacher

B. Sproson – Class Teacher

Lower Key Stage 2

M. Cabezas-Woods – Class Teacher

A. Edmonds – Class Teacher

A. Farlow – Class Teacher

K. Roberts – Class Teacher

Upper Key Stage 2

S. McVeagh – Class Teacher

K. Malek – Class Teacher

D. O’Connor – Class Teacher

L. Bradley – Class Teacher

Administration Team

A. Wood – Office Manager

L. Truslove

K. Foley

H. Rawlings

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

L. Griffiths

L. Young

V. Patel

R. Pallett

Learning Support Practitioners/Assistants

J. Washington

M. Roberts

C. Dennis

R. Mistry

R. Lilly

N. Bibi

D. Lewis

S. Powell

L. Hibbs

J. Matanovic

J. Shipton

S. Reed

A. Winwood

T. White

A. Williams

S. Aerry

J. Evans

A. Collins

G. Sullivan

Brandhall Tots

K. Morley – Manager

C. Shaw – Deputy Manager

J. Shaw

S. Clayton

R. Pointon-Ward

A. Neale


E. Daley

H. Newey

M. Jones

L. Duffy

Premises Staff

C. Durham – Site Manager

W. Hocknull

P. Nixon

S. Thomas

T. Cable

K. Seera

P. Hadley

V. Rani

A. Neale

IT Technician

K. Taylor

Catering Staff

K. Hughes – Catering Manager

G. Kaur – Deputy Catering Manager

A. Braznell

M. Mander

J. Richards

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants

J. Shelley – Principal Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

E. Warren

L. Prince

T. Cable

B. Fielding

B. Paskin

M. Kilgallon

T. Green

Breakfast and After School Club

M. Roberts – Extended Services Leader

J. Shelley

B. Paskin

K. Hughes

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